Data Analysis and Data Processing Services


Your data represent excellent knowledge and information which we are able to „revive“ with perSimplex and bring your business a marvellous effect. Let us inspire you with advisory based on your raw data. We can prove that there are no limitations in the use of your own company data. You will find out how important it is to make decisions based on real grounds. We will reveal you relations which were hidden to you for any reason. The success depends on releasing the information contained in your raw data.

Data analysis

Take advantage of our services and let perSimplex demonstrate its uniqueness on your company data. You will understand how extraordinary and effective tool perSimplex is. In the field of data analysis we use our own technology based on the natural data structure analysis. Only your own raw data are able to answer your questions which were hidden for your business from the outset. Our analytical methods will become an inseparable component of your business processes. Be inspired with our premium technologies. Think through your data.


We offer you an opportunity to use our development team and so optimise the technology of natural shape curves according to your specific requirements. You can take advantage of our know how in solving challenging algorithm tasks which we are able to implement into your company processes. Start using the present time to create your own future. Our development team will reveal the hidden reserves of your business.


Long term care about our clients is the key issue for us. Your business is our business, that is why we continuously care about solutions we implemented by means of perSimplex. Our clients are assured a constant support on the part of our company.


If you appreciate individual care, you can use our service of perSimplex training before or after perSimplex implementation. It is essential to us to improve our unique product with help of our clients, and that is why you should not hesitate to call us in for training or consultancy. We can move forward our businesses and progressive analysis of raw data only with you.