Datamining and clustering software products

perSimplex Client solutions consists of two separate applications, SimplexDivide, and SimplexImpera. SimplexDivide processes input data and the gained outcomes are consequently presented by SimplexImpera application which is distributed for free.

simplesDivide is offered in three versions which differ in their ability to process particular data volumes:

SimplexDivide Desktop - video 1

SimplexDivide desktop application is intended for users whose data processing requirements do not exceed 100 columns in .csv format. This version application version is well usable in research and development, as well as in various business processes by analysts, consultants, and managers. The advantage of this application is the speed of data processing and low system requirements.

SimplexDivide Economic

SimplexDivide Economic is a version of SimplexDivide with the ability to process bigger data amounts, namely up to 400 columns in .csv format. Version Economic is used by analysts at corporations, in banking, insurance industry, retail, energetic and telecommunication industries, manufacturing and many other sectors.

SimplexDivide Enterprise

SimplexDivide Enterprise represents a perSimplex version which is able to process 1440 columns in .csv format, thus giving a business user an opportunity to analyse variety of cases minute after minute, 24 hours a day. SimplexDivide Enterprise is able to create analyses in batched processing upon setting up an appropriate parameters without any need of intervention of an analyst to the processing. Business processes of your company become so effective that an end-user can focus on the professional interpretation of analysed results.

The decision to produce three versions of application SimplexDivide is connected with the universality of perSimplex and with the ambition to satisfy different kinds of users. perSimplex is used by university students and professors, small family companies, small and medium enterprises, as well as multinational corporations administrated neverending amount of data.

SimplexImpera - video 2

SimplexImpera is a freeware application and it serves to visualize data and presentation. SimplexImpera operates with a special file format “.spx“ developed for huge amount of curves visualization in a fast and effective way by this unique application. If needed, a user has an option to export identified clusters, graphs, and to process them by another analysis with exported data.

perSimplex server solution is primarily intended for organisatons whose success is measured by precise and quick decisions. The licencing conditions for perSimplex Server allow to acces perSimplex application by tens of users in time, to analyse tasks in batches, and to process unlimited data volumes.