Idea behind datamining and clustering tool

perSimplex helps to find hidden connections in your business data. It is a simple software based on the sophisticated methods of natural data structure analysis.

The fundamental idea of this unique software tool are natural data and their universal utilization in practice. Raw data represent excellent knowledge. perSimplex is able to process these data in an extraordinary way and their accurate visualization will influence your decisions. A specific curve shape will clarify hidden relations within your activities. perSimplex selects the relevant pieces of information from huge volume of data.

Our software tool perSimplex connects simple and user-friendly environment with sophisticated analysis based on natural shape of data curves. You can leave behind challenging implementation and time-consuming processes. You will appreciate perSimplex because of its speed, simplicity, and skill to identify natural data clusters and data abnormalities. You will be able to manage the quality of output on your own.

The perSimplex product is unique and it is characterized by several advantages which determine perSimplex for practical use:

  • ability to identify adequate clusters
  • ability to distinguish the level of similarity
  • option to manage the quality of outcomes
  • ability to identify the abnormalities of input data
  • non-hierarchical cluster algorithm
  • linear computing complexity