Divide & Impera

The perSimplex product concept is inspired by the known Latin phrase: „divide et impera“, which means „divide and rule“. The work with the product consists of two subsequent steps. In the first step, the input data is divided in groups by the mean of SimplexDivide.exe application and in the second one, the results are presented to the user by the mean of SimplexImpera.exe application.


Fig. 1 PERSIMPLEX consists of two applications

The SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications are independent mainly due to keeping the possibility to deliver only the analyses results without the SimplexDivide application to the end users. Thus for the end users are sufficient only the processed output files and SimplexImpera application, which is deliverable for free. This allows the performance of data analyses by the perSimplex product users for their clients without need for installation of the key SimplexDivide application at the client.

So, SimplexDivide application performs the CSV input file processing. The application shall save the processing result (i.e. the division into clusters) into SPX (SIMPLEX) output files. The SimplexDivide application shall always save the SPX output files into a separate output directory, which it generates in the directory with entered CSV input file.


Fig. 2 Directory with SPX output files

The SPX output files contain the coded processing result, which is readable only by the mean of SimplexImpera application. The output files have the names spx-a, spx-b, spx-c, …, spx-r. There are always 18 of them regardless to the number of identified clusters and volume of the input data.


Fig. 3 SimplexDivide application analyzes the CSV input file

The SimplexDivide application has five parameters, with which the user affects the processing method of the given input file: Similarity, Modification, Analysis, Stress and Strictness. The name of output directory is created from the name of the input CSV file and the entered parameter values (e.g. dealer_A_W_W_0_0). These values of the parameters are separated by the symbol of `_` in the name of the directory. See 2 – SimplexDivide for the description of the individual parameters.


Fig. 4 SimplexDivide application parameters

SPX output files and the CSV input file can be saved in a CD or another memory medium or transferred to another computer. The SimplexImpera application presents the results saved in the SPX output files. The user has four basic panels: for statistical data on clusters (IMPERA panel), graphic illustration of clusters (GRAPH panel), CSV input file data in table format (CLUSTER panel) and the detailed row information (DETAIL panel).


Fig. 5 SimplexImpera application presenting the identified clusters

If necessary, the user has the possibility to export the selected clusters from the SimplexImpera application into CSV format and subject them to further eventual processing or use. For the description and control of the individual panels of SimplexImpera application see 3 – SimplexImpera.