How to?

Similarity Parameter

The Similarity parameter setup depends on the input data nature and goal you want to achieve. First ask yourself the question whether the columns order in the CSV input is important or not. Said in other words, ask whether the columns order can be changed in any manner without changing the data sense. Read more

Modification Parameter

The Modification parameter setup depends on the suitability of the graphic illustration for the goal to achieve by the clusters generation. Imagine (or test) simply, how the curves diagram of the CSV input looks like. If the diagram curves are specific enough to generate the clusters to be generated, then choose the Without data modification setup. If the diagram is not convenient for your intent, you may use one of the Modification setups. Read more

Analysis Parameter

The Analysis parameter is very useful in case of real data, which are too rough as far as the difference of the acquired values concerns. Read more

Stress Parameter

If you need to emphasize some part of the curve, set up the Stress parameter to the value corresponding approximately to the required part of the curve Read more

Strictness Parameter

Begin with Strictness parameter set up to the value of 0. If there are not too many resulting clusters for the intended goal or the curves in the clusters are too different, then increase the parameter value gradually Read more