perSimplex does not require any installation complicated by different entries in the environment of MS Windows and the subsequent compatible versions. Only the following three files are necessary to work with perSimplex: SimplexDivide.exe, SimplexImpera.exe and SimplexKey.bmp. The SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications are deliverable for free and you are allowed to either download them from this website. You will order the licensed file at the dealer.


Fig. 1 PERSIMPLEX product – Key, Divide and Impera

The SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications do not require necessarily the location on your computer hard disk. The applications can be run, for instance, directly from either the CD or any memory medium connected to the PC. The only condition is to avoid the placement of the SimplexKey licensed file and the SimplexDivide application within the same directory / folder. The simplest solution is the placement of all three files directly to the desktop or creation of new directory / folder, e.g. C:\MySoft and to copy the mentioned files therein.

You may place the SimplexManual directory either into the directory containing SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications or anywhere on the hard disk (SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications will find it by its name). If you have placed the SimplexManual directory with the demonstration examples on the hard disk, then the product functionality can be verified and the SimplexDivide application can be run. Run the SimplexDivide application. In the dialog window, select the dealer.csv input file, which can be found in the SimplexManual\sample directory. Click on the Divide button – Fig. 3 (1-3). In case of the successful performance of the input processing, the application indicates the number of identified clusters and makes you able to save the processing result into the SPX output files. Save the result by clicking on Yes (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2 Save the SimplexDivide application processing result

Quit the SimplexDivide application and run the SimplexImpera. In the dialog window, select the dealer_A_W_W_0_0\spx-a output file, which can be found in the SimplexManual\sample directory. If the application reads 5 identified clusters – Fig. 5 (1-3), then the successful product test is ends.

see News in version 6.1a

In function of the configuration of your computer it may happen that either SimplexDivide or SimplexImpera application will not start due to lack of free virtual memory. In such case, increase the virtual memory size by the value mentioned in the table hereunder at least, or, right to the maximum value of 2048 MB.

The SimplexDivide application is implemented in three versions depending on the required size of the primary storage needed for the application progress. Subsequently, this determines the maximum data volume in the input CSV, which the given SimplexDivide version is able to process.

Memory size

Row limit

Col. limit













The only reason for the existence of three SimplexDivide versions is the increased demand for the memory size in case of big volume of input data. Thus, if you purchase the SimplexKey licensed file for more than 7 millions of input rows or more than 100 columns, then download either SimplexDivide-Economic or SimplexDivide-Enterprise version.

If you will process too big data volumes (millions of rows in CSV) in the real use of SimplexDivide, then it is convenient to close all other running applications before the start of the SimplexDivide application. The reason to do so consists in the achieving of speedy data processing. For data volumes equal to millions of rows and tens of columns, you may expect the processing time of several minutes, in function of the computer performance. For big data volumes, a powerful computer with 2 GB of primary storage is appropriate.


Fig. 3 SimplexDivide application informing continuously on the processing time