What is perSimplex

perSimplex is an intelligent software tool designed for numeric data processing aimed at obtaining valuable knowledge and information. The product is designed for everybody who is intending to evaluate a big amount of data stored in computer databases in order to support the decision making and management tasks. Read more

Input Data Format

perSimplex supports the generally known CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. The data in this format can be prepared virtually in any software environment and transferred without problems between different platforms. Read more

Divide & Impera

The perSimplex product concept is inspired by the known Latin phrase: „divide et impera“, which means „divide and rule“. The work with the product consists of two subsequent steps. In the first step, the input data is divided in groups by the mean of SimplexDivide.exe application and in the second one, the results are presented to the user by the mean of SimplexImpera.exe application. Read more

Licensed SimplexKey File

The price of perSimplex product is flexible and depends on the data volume to be processed by the client. The number of rows and columns of the CSV input file as accepted by the SimplexDivide application determine the data volume. Thus the individual price for each client depends on the required number of rows and columns of the CSV input files and on the validity period of the licensed file (3 weeks, 12 weeks, 1 year, …). Read more


perSimplex does not require any installation complicated by different entries in the environment of MS Windows 7 and the subsequent compatible versions. Only the following three files are necessary to work with peSimplex: SimplexDivide.exe, SimplexImpera.exe and SimplexKey.bmp. The SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications are deliverable for free and you are allowed to either download them from the Internet or get it by any different way. You will order the licensed file at the dealer and receive it by e-mail. Read more