License Policy

SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications are deliverable for free, exempt of the fees for use.

The client pays for the licensed SimplexKey file, which is generated for each client individually in his computer (Order key), for certain paid period (Expiration) and the required data volume (Row limit, Column limit). These are the four facts coded in the SimplexKey file.

The price of perSimplex product is flexible and depends on the data volume to be processed by the client. The number of rows and columns of the CSV input file as accepted by the SimplexDivide application determine the data volume. Thus the individual price for each client depends on the required number of rows and columns of the CSV input files and on the validity period of the licensed file.

The software design for the individual price is based on the licensed SimplexKey file. The licensed file has BMP format, in which is coded the maximum data volume accepted by the SimplexDivide application. The maximum data volume is given by the number of rows and columns of the input CSV. If the CSV input file contains higher amount of data, then the rows exceeding the maximum are ignored. SimplexDivide application informs on the licensed file data.