Licensed SimplexKey File

The price of perSimplex product is flexible and depends on the data volume to be processed by the client. The number of rows and columns of the CSV input file as accepted by the SimplexDivide application determine the data volume. Thus the individual price for each client depends on the required number of rows and columns of the CSV input files and on the validity period of the licensed file (3 weeks, 12 weeks, 1 year, …).


Fig. 1 The licensed SimplexKey file is limiting the SimplexDivide application

The software design for the individual price is based on the licensed SimplexKey file. The licensed file has BMP format, in which is coded the maximum data volume accepted by the SimplexDivide application. The maximum data volume is given by the number of rows and columns of the input CSV. If the CSV input file contains higher amount of data, then the rows exceeding the maximum are ignored (see Warning 3). SimplexDivide application informs on the licensed file data.


Fig. 2 Licensed file data in the SimplexDivide application

Moreover, in the SimplexKey, it is coded the licensed file validity period and the so-called Order key (e.g. KBWFJNAL). The SimplexDivide application generates the Order key string based on the configuration of the computer, in which the SimplexDivide application is running. Thus, the Order key string is unique for each computer.

SimplexDivide and SimplexImpera applications are deliverable for free, exempt of the fees for use and for new versions. The client pays for the licensed SimplexKey file, which is generated for each client individually in his computer (Order key), for certain paid period (Expiration) and the required data volume (Row limit, Column limit). These are the four facts coded in the SimplexKey file.


Fig. 3 Coded unit in the SimplexKey.bmp file

The licensed SimplexKey.bmp file coding is made by the mean of complicated system of permuted equations with multiple immersed check mechanism of impairment and massive redundancy of unimportant noise and duplicated code. The licensed file contains coded 24-bit image with size of 128×128 pixels. The number of different images with this size is equal to the result of multiplying of 2 x 2 x 2 x … x 2, where the number of 2s in the product shall be 393,216 (24x128x128). The resulting number is equal approx. to

646800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 … 000

Where the number of zeros in this number is 118,366. Should you have at your disposition one billion computers, and each one of these should test during one second one billion of licensed files, then after one billion of years you should test a ridiculously small number of 31557600000000000000000000000000000 files. This number has only 29 zeros. It is worthless to dedicate the effort to study the licensed file coding, however, we wish good luck to those who might intend to try it eventually.


Fig. 4 Missing SimplexKey licensed file

The licensed SimplexKey file shall be placed in the same directory as the SimplexDivide application (e.g. C:\MySoft\SimplexDivide.exe). The SimplexImpera application does not require any licensed file.