Set Up the Modification Parameter

The Modification parameter setup depends on the suitability of the graphic illustration for the goal to achieve by the clusters generation. Imagine (or test) simply, how the curves diagram of the CSV input looks like. If the diagram curves are specific enough to generate the clusters to be generated, then choose the Without data modification setup. If the diagram is not convenient for your intent, you may use one of the Modification setups. Do not be afraid to test all offered parameter options and view the modified data diagram in the SimplexImpera and select the suitable setup based on the resulting clusters.

What to if none from among the data modification options meets the clusters generation purpose? Then there is nothing precluding the conversion of the CSV input in any manner outside the SimplexDivide application and re-processed subsequently. The input data should prepared in a manner giving sense to curves clusters generation based on their graphic representation. This is the basis of perSimplex.