What is perSimplex

perSimplex is an intelligent software tool designed for numeric data processing aimed at obtaining valuable knowledge and information. The product is designed for everybody who is intending to evaluate a big amount of data stored in computer databases in order to support the decision making and management tasks.

This product name comes from the Latin „per-simplex“, which could be translated loosely as „through simplicity”. The product idea is simple as well as the data preparation, product control and the interpretation of the result. Also this Manual is simple and easily understandable.


Fig. 1 With the increase of curves quantity, the diagram becomes less apprehensible

The standard need of the users, who represent the numeric data and their changes in the traditional curve diagram, gave us the basic idea. The graphic representation is advantageous due to several reasons. The main reason is better perception and understandability of the graphic representation than that of tables full of numbers and dates. Simultaneously, the shape of the diagram curves is important since it is just this shape, which informs the user on the movement and changes of the numeric data. For the user, it is crucial how deep is the curve slope while decreasing or increasing as well as it’s any specific shape.

The problem arises as soon as the user has placed too much curves in the diagram. As shown in the Fig. 1, the diagram becomes less apprehensible even for as few as 100 different curves. Therefore, if you want to represent graphically thousands or millions of curves, such diagram becomes useless for practical purposes. The solution of this problem is simple (see Fig. 2): The diagram curves should be divided in groups – clusters of curves with similar shape. And this is the basis of perSimplex.


Fig. 2 Curves division based on the curve shape similarity

We just would like to remind you, that it is just the curve shape, which motivates the users to use the curve diagram for the data representation. Therefore, the shape similarity for the curves is a natural criterion for creation of clusters. Please note that for real data processing, the curves in the identified clusters have only approximately identical shape instead of the absolutely identical one.

perSimplex is exceptional due to its ability to perceive in reality the degree of the curves shape similarity and the ability to utilize this similarity degree for the identification of the substantial clusters of curves. Apparently, there is no need to emphasize that such tasks cannot be solved easily by the mean of standard software techniques. The original perSimplex technology is based in advanced mathematical methods based on the so-called Fuzzy Cluster Analysis. From this point of view, perSimplex belongs to the category of Artificial Intelligence area products.

perSimplex brings unique and valuable information to the user on the real data natural structure, which is determined by the mean of their allocation to various characteristic clusters. To the users, the knowledge on such allocation allows, generally, the appropriate decision making based on undistorted learning of the individual clusters, regardless whether the numeric data represent the company’s customers, bank transactions, web data or movement of goods on the stock. The universality of perSimplex consists in no content restrictions applied for the processed data. Solely the user is to decide what type of data he needs to process. It is crucial only to prepare the input data so that their graphic representation should correspond to the user’s intent. perSimplex is to solve the remainder.